Acrylic/PMMA PC LED ceiling lamp blowing forming machine

Acrylic/PMMA PC LED ceiling lamp blowing forming machine

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Production principle:
After the PC/ Acrylic sheet is heated and softened in the oven, the sheet is manually placed on the lower mold; the lower mold rises, the plate is clamped by the mold pressing ring and the opening and closing mold, the compressed air is filled, and the plate is inflated to the set height; the upper mold goes down, the inflated plate is pressed down, the plate is stretched to the surrounding direction, and the upper and lower molds are closed at the same time; at this time, the compressed air is used to inflate the plate, and the plate is formed in place. After a short time of cooling, the mold returns to the position according to the set order, and the formed products are taken out of the working position manually. This sequence is a working cycle.

The machine data of forming part

Model: RSA-300~800

Forming dimensions:300~800mm for the lampshade

Forming height:≤200mm

Forming Thickness:1-3.5mm

Color:As the client’s requirement

Power supply:380VAC/3phase/50HZ

Upper mold:Hydraulic pressure + Hinge

Air pressure:0.5-0.8Mpa

Suggest air compressor:15HP

PLC:”Mitsubishi” Japan

Touch screen:” WeinView” Taiwan

Safety device:Safety curtain

Material moving:Servo motor

Switch:”DELIXI” or “CHNT” China

Air Cylinder:”Zhicheng” China or “Airtac” Taiwan

Electromagnetic Valve:”Airtac” Taiwan


Machine size(L×W×H):3500*1600*2200mm

Machine weight:1500KG

Please contact me got production videos and more details.

Machine detail show.

Forming Mold

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