High quality Automatic LED bulb lampshade blowing machine

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One-step process injection drawing blowing machine

High-quality Automatic LED bulb lampshade blowing machine


  1. Specializing in the production of LED lampshade;
  2. Good appearance quality, high yield, can meet the high quality requirements of products;
  3. The products are widely used.


LED light shade made of PC material gradually enters people’s daily life. It has strong light transmittance, and plastic products are more safe and durable, which meet the high quality production requirements of lampshade products. In order to produce high quality and strong light transmittance LED lampshade, our company has improved the original wib-52pc model, which can be better used in LED production. The small LED lamp cover produced by this machine has beautiful appearance, uniform wall thickness and high yield.


Machine features:

  1. More efficient, more energy-saving, higher configuration;
  2. Full color touch screen + electronic ruler stroke control;
  3. Variable pump hydraulic system + servo system;
  4. High output and low energy consumption.
  5. Applicable raw materials: PC, PMMA, PETG, PES, tritan;

Samples show

With the increasing requirements of food, medicine, cosmetics packaging bottles and high-grade daily necessities, the products produced by squeeze blow method can not meet the requirements. The products produced by injection stretch blow molding are from injection molding tube, stretch blow molding and demoulding in one step, with no flash, no mouth material, less defects, perfect mouth, bottom and seam line, More transparent and more rigid. Stretch blow molding products can be thinner than non stretch blow molding products, so it can save about 50% of the raw materials. The bottle blowing machine also has the advantages of high speed and energy saving.

One-step bottle blowing machine also has the advantages of higher accuracy of bottle mouth and more accurate thread position, which is conducive to the forming of flat container and wide mouth bottle container, and the minimum container forming can be as small as 5ml. Our bottle blowing machine system does not need to reheat the bottle embryo to achieve high-speed forming. The one-step injection pull bottle blowing machine uses the heat retained during bottle embryo forming to stretch and blow. The advantage is that the heating energy consumption required for reheating is zero, which shortens the cooling time of bottle embryo and realizes the miniaturization of cold water equipment. One step method is a research result of improving the forming precision and optimizing the process structure of injection drawing blowing machine.

Main parameters

  1. The turntable is driven by servo motor to avoid the pollution of hydraulic oil
  2. Full automatic control, easy to operate; Realize the product production process without human contact, to ensure that the product is clean and hygienic
  3. The barrel temperature and mold heat flow temperature are accurately controlled by pit
  4. One step injection drawing blowing hollow molding machine saves more money and human resources than traditional injection drawing blowing equipment;
  5. Compact structure, small floor area and space saving
  6. Working position

Injection molding station: hot runner and temperature control device have been used as standard configuration. Customers only need to change the mold cavity and upper mold to replace products

Blow molding station: the entire hydraulic clamping, core inserting, air blowing and bottle bottom forming devices have been used as standard configuration. Customers only need to replace the cavity module and blow needle to replace products

Demoulding station: ejection device has been used as standard configuration.

We can also provide a full set of mold design and manufacturing services.


After-sale service:

1、 The warranty service is provided by our after-sales service center in all offices all over the country, and the warranty covers all products sold by our company.

2、 The company’s products are provided with one month “Three Guarantees” service and two-year free warranty (including LCD screen maintenance period of one year). The starting time is subject to the date of product sale, and the two parties shall implement the agreed time.

3、 The company’s products are used under normal conditions, only due to the quality of the products, and can enjoy free repair and replacement services during the “Three Guarantees” or warranty period.

4、 In case of the following situations during the “Three Guarantees” and warranty period, the user will not enjoy the “Three Guarantees” and free warranty services:

  1. Failure or injury caused by human factors or irresistible reasons;
  2. Product damage caused by failure to install and operate as specified;
  3. Product damage caused by short circuit of external leakage during use;
  4. The product is damaged by external force impact during the use;
  5. Dismantle and repair without authorization, tear up or alter barcode or serial number;
  6. It is used in high temperature and humid environment, which causes the product to overheat and burn or suffer from serious moisture.

5、 When the company promises to provide after-sales service for the domestic market users due to product quality problems, the service location of the office of the company shall prevail. Within 24 hours in the same city, 48 hours in the same province, and no later than 72 hours from the provincial and foreign provinces, the overseas users will send back to our company for maintenance, and the postage shall be borne by the users.

6、 In order to meet the personalized requirements of users, the company can provide software development package for secondary development of users, but users should bear the risks brought by their own secondary development.

7、 If there is any fault in the product used by the user, it shall be informed to our company in time, and the professional personnel of our company shall be responsible for the maintenance. It is strictly forbidden for the user to dismantle the machine without the consent of the company. Otherwise, the user shall be deemed to give up the warranty right of the product, and the user shall bear the loss or product damage.

8、 If the product is charged for repair after the warranty period, the same performance fault can enjoy the free warranty from three months from the date of repair, except for the six cases that are not entitled to the free warranty as stipulated in Article 4 of this article.

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